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We are London’s writer development agency.
We’re here to help London’s writers make their mark
on the page, the screen, the stage and in the world.
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Spread the Word’s Members scheme

The London Writers Network provides you with an
affordable community to explore and enhance your
writing career and develop the professional opportunities
you might need to make your writing career flourish.

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Create, write, connect

Keeping writing and creativity open and accessible to all during these unprecedented times. Support us, the writers we work with and the communities we engage by making a donation.

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London Writers Awards

Our talent development programme for 30 talented London writers from underrepresented backrgounds

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CRIPtic x Spread the Word

A supportive community for deaf and disabled writers

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Early Career Bursaries

Our annual bursary programme supporting the craft and career progression of writers on a low income

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Deptford Literature Festival

Our annual Festival celebrates the diversity and creativity of Deptford and Lewisham through words, stories and performance.

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